UMa - Serviço de Consulta Psicológica


The Psychological Counseling Service of Madeira University (SCP-UMa) began its function in November of 2009.
It was created taking into account the new challenges, demands and problems faced by universities. It is universities’ responsibility to provide optimal conditions for the development of technical, scientific and soft skills (social and cultural) in students’ community. It is also expected that universities have a more active and dynamic role in the community, in order to contribute for the promotion of social welfare and emotional development of the community. It integrates Network Services of Psychological Counseling in Higher Education (RESAPES)



  • Students and academic community of UMa
  • Population of Madeira


  • Individual Counselling (children, teenagers, young adults, adults and elderly).
  • Workshops


  • Emotional disorders
  • Relationship problems
  • School-Related Problems
  • Family adjustment problems
  • And others problems