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Research in Clinical Practice

Research in Clinical Practice

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Research in Clinical Practice 

We are concerned with the existence of a practice supported by research.

Therefore, we collaborate with national studies whose goal is to better evaluate the impact of intervention in promoting the well-being of the clients.

In addition to these collaborations, we have been focusing on the elaboration of Case Studies, shared in wider communities, as a way to contribute to the reflection and the design of intervention strategies that fit a large number of cases.

Additionally, we developed other studies subordinated to key elements of the therapeutic process, as motivation for therapy, therapeutic goals, among others.


Colaboration in National Studies 

Sistema individualizado de Avaliação do Progresso do Cliente [Individualized Customer Progress Assessment System]**

Know more about this project in: 
Célia Sales, Paula Alves, Chris Evans, Robert Elliott & on Behalf of Ipha Group (2014). The individualised Patient-Progress System: A decade of International collaborative networking.Counseling and Psychotherapy research: linking research with practice, 14:3, 181-191. [available here] 


BINOCULAR: Visões do Processo em Psicoterapia [BINOCULAR: Views of the Process in Psychotherapy]

Know more about the study in the oficial website.  


Other studies

For more information, check the following document "Psychological support: a practice based on science" [available here].  


Case Studies

  • Lucas, C. V., Oliveira, F. & Soares, L. (2018). Reports of an addiction: Therapeutic intervention of a young adult dealing with cannabis dependence. Adolescent Psychiatry, 8,1. Doi: 10.2174/2210676608666180208155007
  • Lucas, C. V., Soares, L. & Oliveira, F. (2018). Asperger syndrome & adolescent girl: Understanding the rhythm of emotions towards the struggle with social relationships - cognitive-behavioural and narrative therapy. RUMUS - Revista Científica da Universidade do Mindelo, 5(1). 253-268
  • Lucas, C. V. & Soares, L. (2016). "I have a wish: not have tics and stop worrying" The impact of tics disorder in the development of a child. Iberian Journal of Clinical and Forensic Neuroscience, III, IV, 9-10, 1061-1079, ISSN: 2182-0290. [disponível aqui]
  • Oliveira, F. & Soares, L. (2015). He looks now "bigger" than before: regulating emotions - emotion-focused cognitive-behavioral approach. Iberian Journal of Clinical and Forensic Neuroscience, III, 7-8, 882-905, ISSN: 2182-0290. [disponível aqui]
  • Oliveira, F. & Soares, L. (2014). Changing the clinical narratives patients live by a cognitive behavioral approach of a clinical case of paruresis. Journal of Poetry Therapy: The interdisciplinary Journal of Practice, Theory, Research and Education, 27, 3, DOI: 10.1080/08893675.2014.949514  [Disponível aqui]
  • Lucas, C. V. & Soares, L. (2014). Being a teen and learning how to surf anxiety: Integrating narrative methods with cognitive behavioral therapy. Journal of Poetry Therapy: The interdisciplinary Journal of Practice, Theory, Research and Education, 27, 2, 69-82, DOI: 10.1080/08893675.2014.895489 [Disponível aqui]
  • Coelho, C. & Soares, L. (2013). Narrative Cognitive Therapy and insecure / ambivalent attachment pattern: a clinical case of epilepsy. Iberian Journal of Clinical & Forensic Neuroscience, 1(2), 208-222. [Disponível aqui]


Research: Therapeutic Process

  • Soares, L., Lemos, M.S., Oliveira, F., Lucas, C.V. & Roque, L. (2013). Reflections about the perception of therapeutic environment in clients and therapists: the importance of the 5th sessionInternational Journal of Psychotherapy, 17, 3.
  • Soares, L., Lemos, M. S., Oliveira, F., Fernandez, M. & Faria, C. (2013). Goal agreement between client - therapist dyads. Iberian Journal of Clinical & Forensic Neuroscience, year 0,1 (3), 311-328. ISSN: 2182-0290.
  • Soares, L., Oliveira, F., Lemos, M.S., Lucas, C.V., Botella, L. & Corbella, S. (2012). Motivation for therapy: an important ingredient to change? Revista de Psicologia da IMED, 4(1), 460-468.
  • Soares, L., Lemos, M.S., Oliveira, F., Lucas, C.V. & Roque, L. (2010). Therapeutic environment: reflections of dyads of clients and therapists, in Book of Abstracts 12th International Conference on Motivation New Directions in Mind. M. S. Lemos, T. Gonçalves, L., Veríssimo, H., Meneses (Eds.) University of Porto 2-4th September, p.73, Edição LivPsic. ISBN 978-989-8148-48-3 
  • Oliveira, F., & Soares, L. (2010). Reflexões sobre estratégias de intervenção em situações de perda/morte. Será possível preparar as pessoas para lidar com a morte? In Livro de Abstracts do 16º Congresso da Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento Regional – Universidade da Madeira, Funchal, Colégio dos Jesuítas, 8 a 10 julho, pp. 3154-3170